June 30, 2023

Today Juul Labs announced that it has filed complaints against NJOY with the United States International Trade Commission (ITC or Commission) and the United States District Court for the District of Arizona. The complaints allege that the product NJOY Ace infringes several Juul Labs’ patents and, in the ITC action, requests that the Commission block the continued importation and sale of the violative products in the United States. This is the fourth action that Juul Labs has taken to the ITC, having succeeded in three prior cases against manufacturers of counterfeit and unauthorized compatible products.

Juul Labs, through its internal product innovation, has developed the most effective technology to switch adult smokers from combustible cigarettes – over 2 million in the United States alone. Its mission to transition even more adult smokers to JUUL products while combating underage use depends upon that product ingenuity and innovation. Unfortunately, the company’s innovation and resulting success to switch adult smokers has led entities to infringe upon the company’s intellectual property instead of inventing themselves.

“Our technology, designed internally and in the U.S. and protected by our robust patent portfolio, has been the most effective product development to transition adult smokers from combustible cigarettes – switching over 2 million adult smokers in this country. Innovation is critical in this space to advance tobacco harm reduction, and when others infringe on our technology we have no choice but to protect our intellectual-property rights. Just like we have in three prior successful ITC actions that vindicated our company’s IP rights, we intend to reach the same result here.” Tyler Mace, Juul Labs’ Chief Legal Officer.

Juul Labs continues to invest heavily in innovation to sustain existing products and develop new technologies. Our product pipeline remains robust and we continue to pursue future applications for next-generation products to accelerate our mission and progress for the adult smoker, public health, and an end to combustible cigarettes.

Altria is also a party to this complaint in addition to NJOY. This ITC complaint follows three prior successful actions from Juul Labs at the Commission, which all resulted in barring the importation and sale of infringing products. You can read more about our past actions at the ITC and their results.