Our Technology

Our product is an Electronic Nicotine Delivery System (ENDS) designed and intended to be an alternative to combustible cigarettes for adult smokers. It consists of the handheld electronic device and pods that are pre-filled with a nicotine-containing e-liquid.

Our system is designed to provide an experience that is competitive with a combustible cigarette in order to facilitate an adult smoker’s transition away from combustible cigarettes.

  • Closed System: Our cartridge-based pods are not designed to be refilled and are intended to be used only with our quality-controlled and tested e-liquid. This enables quality control, minimizes tampering, and provides a consistent adult user experience.
  • Temperature Control: The device is specifically designed to operate at temperatures below 300°C.
  • Battery Control: Device batteries are designed to prevent electrical spikes, overheating, and overcharging.