Underage Use Prevention

July 19, 2018

Dear JUUL community,

I want to thank you for your many responses, support and feedback over the past weeks as we restated our commitment to provide education to combat underage use as well as research and regulation. The most rewarding part of my job is hearing from customers who tell us they have successfully switched from cigarettes to JUUL. Your personal success stories send a powerful message. I thank you for your stories and encourage you to continue to share them with us on our Community Page.

Of course, we understand that parents and lawmakers are concerned about underage use of JUUL. As are we. We can’t restate this enough. As an independent company that is not big tobacco, we are driven by our mission and commitment to adult smokers. We believe sharing facts and education around youth is extremely important.

I also wanted to acknowledge other feedback and questions raised by our JUUL community in the past few weeks. We hear your concerns here and know that you have raised valid questions, so I want to give you some answers.

To those who have had to send in devices for service or have experienced leaky pods; hopefully you are noticing a difference in recent months, as we have invested millions of dollars in manufacturing scaling and quality this year alone. Our challenge since 2016 has been to efficiently grow to meet increasing demand while maintaining a high product standard. We are committed to continuing to improve on this front as a top priority.

As always, we remain committed to honoring valid device warranties and to providing excellent service, and are improving a number of experiences based on your feedback. We launched a new JUUL.com this year to provide an improved shopping experience, while maintaining a tightly managed age verification process. It’s now easier to sign up for a subscription, track placed orders and learn about our mission and values. Our customer care team has more than doubled in size in the past year, and the support response time has quickened by 95%. We have also launched our Refer A Smoker program to reward our loyal customers for helping their friends and loved ones who are smokers make the switch to JUUL.

We also know that having options is important for smokers making the switch, including different flavors and nicotine strengths. In the next few months we will be expanding retail availability for Cucumber, Menthol and Classic Tobacco based on the positive response we have received. We will also be making 3% nicotine strength pods more widely available in select flavors. And while we are focused here in the U.S. on introducing JUUL to the 38 million smokers who have yet to make the switch, our opportunity to change lives globally is exponentially larger. We will be bringing JUUL to new markets, including the United Kingdom this month.

This is an exciting time for us and for the many smokers for whom JUUL has made a difference. I look forward to what lies ahead with great optimism and hope that we can travel that road together. New developments seem to spring up on a near-daily basis, so I promise to update you regularly, moving forward. Please continue to share your feedback with our team, we are always listening and are committed to continue to support all of you through your switch journeys. Thank you again.


Kevin Burns