Disclosure and Transparency

In order to successfully achieve our company’s mission, we must engage and partner with external stakeholders including governments, legislators, regulators, and other interest groups. We believe that public policy engagement is an important and appropriate role for companies in open societies, when conducted in a legal and ethical manner. Our company values underpin how we operate throughout our business, including our external engagements.

The use of company resources for political and public policy activities can be an important issue for our stakeholders. As such, Juul Labs makes the following voluntary disclosures regarding these activities.

Political Contributions

In the United States, our company may make corporate political contributions where permitted by law and company policy. In addition, our company’s political action committee (PAC), the JUUL Labs Inc. Employees PAC (JLE PAC), has enabled eligible employees and shareholders to pool their political contributions to support candidates who understand the legislative and regulatory issues important to our company.

State Lobbying Activity

Each year, Juul Labs files reports in certain states disclosing state-level lobbying activities and expenses.

These reports can be accessed by viewing the government databases of each state.

Federal Lobbying Activity

In compliance with the Lobbying Disclosure Act, Juul Labs files quarterly reports (LD-2) with the U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives disclosing its federal lobbying activities and expenses. In addition, JUUL Labs files semi-annual reports (LD-203) with the House and Senate disclosing JLE PAC, contributions as well as certain payments made to a Presidential Inaugural Committee, Presidential Libraries, and other honorary expenses, as required by law.

More information about the Lobbying Disclosure Act can be found on the websites of the U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives.

Juul Labs’ Federal Lobbying Disclosure Reports (LD-2) can be found on this webpage.

Juul Labs’ Federal Lobbyist Contributions Disclosure Reports (LD-203) can be found on this webpage.

Working With Membership And Trade Associations

Juul Labs is a member of several membership and trade groups that represent both our specific issues, along with issues of general concern to the business community at large. These groups exist to help address broad policy issues that can impact our business objectives and ability to serve adult smokers. Juul Labs’ participation as a member of these various groups comes with the understanding that we may not always agree with the positions of the larger organization and/or other members, and that we are committed to voicing our concerns as appropriate through our colleagues who serve on the boards and committees of these groups.