Marketing Code

We adhere to strict guidelines to ensure that our marketing is directed exclusively toward existing adult smokers.

JUUL is a nicotine product intended for adults of legal purchase age.

JUUL is not appropriate or intended for youth, former smokers, or never smokers.

JUUL is a switching product. It is not intended as a cessation or quitting product.

We do not feature images or situations intended for a youth audience. We test marketing concepts with adult smokers to obtain independent confirmation that such concepts are perceived to be directed to adult smokers.

Our campaigns depict models that are age 35+.

We do not use cartoons, caricatures, or other designs aimed at attracting minors.

We go the extra mile to ensure responsible placement of our product to ensure limited exposure to an underage demographic.

Product sampling complies with all federal and state regulations.

We support and comply with all federal and state regulations to prevent sales to minors. This includes stringent third party age verification for online sales.